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Vietnam customer just ordered 50pcs customized ceramic filter 40*70*500mm
-2023-01-31-           VIEWS:0           AUTHOR : Bella Jing

Ceramic filter element is mainly used for filtration, antibacterial and activation treatment of drinking water. Harmful residual chlorine and suspended pollutants, organic chemicals, color and smell can be filtered out to meet certain drinking standards. It can be used not only in water purifiers, barreled water and high-quality water supply industries, but also in other occasions with corresponding requirements for water quality. It has the unique functions of acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance and is listed as the preferred product for the purification and recycling of industrial wastewater containing oil, sludge and heavy metals. It also plays an efficient and energy-saving role in metallurgy, ultrasonic and groundwater filtration.


We Aida can design based on client’ different requirements . Our Vietnam customer just ordered 50pcs customized ceramic filter when we came back to work yesterday ,  ID40*OD70*H500mm ,50μm ,grey color

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