Movable Oil Purifier
Movable Oil Purifier

Movable Oil Purifier



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Movable Oil Purifier
AIDA perfectly replaced alternative PALL ,alternative ,Leemin famous brand oil purifier.It is excellent equivalents for customer to choose from its economical and practical points. 
*Filter the oil filling in hydraulic lubrication system
*Filter the by-pass while the hydraulic lubrication system operating
*Filter hydraulic lubrication system circularly before put into operation
*Filter the oil in the pump that doesn't the equipment 
This oil purifier is composed with a gear pump driven by motor,which is low noise, strong self-priming ability and smooth operation.
High pressure oil line equipped with spillover protector,which can keep the hydraulic system safe.
Adopt thermorelay protection that avoid the damage for the motor overload.
The coarse filter at the inlet port protects pump and prolongs the working life of the main filter.
Fine filter can according to customers' different requires and select different filtration then get wanted results.
The filter housing is quick-opening structure,the cover can be opened quickly without any tools then change filters.
There's a pressure clock on the panel.It can indicate the system operation conditions and the filters' pollution level.
Technical Principle Structure

Outside measurement:

                   Model No.                   LYC-32A-*/**                   LYC-50A-*/**                   LYC-100A-*/**                   LYC-150A-*/**
                   Rated flow(L/min)                                  32                   50                   100                   150
                   Rated voltage(Mpa)                               0.6
                   Loss of voltage(Mpa)                                 ≦0.02
                   Pump-in filtering precision(um )                                 100
                   Pump-out filtering precision(um)                      3,5,10,20,40
                   Motor power(Kw)                                    0.75                   1.1                   1.5                   2.2
                   Voltage(V)                                  AC380V  3P, AC380V 2P
                   Weight(Kg)                                        75                   80                   100                   120
                   Size(mm)                                    650*680*980                   7650*680*980                   720*680*1020                   720*740*1180

*: two grade filtering precision ,   eg:003 means 3μ 
**:medium,Omission:General hydraulic oil;BH:water-glycol;V:phosphate ester.
***:meet viscidity of medium   ≤ 160cSt

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