Waste engine oil purifier to diesel oil
Waste engine oil purifier to diesel oil

Waste engine oil purifier to diesel oil



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Our pushcart filter not only can be used as hydraulic system tanker to ensure the cleanliness of oil, but also used as by-pass circulation filtering equipment of the hydralic system for rugular cleanliness.

It can be maintain the pollution of hydralic system, keep the system work properly,and prolong the service life.

High viscosity oil filter GLYC technical parameters

Part number GLYC-25-* GLYC-40-* GLYC-80-*
Rated flowL/min 25 40 80
Rated pressure MPa 1.0
Original pressure loss Mpa ≤0.2
Accuracy μm 3、5、10、20、40
Motor power kw 2.2 3 4
Voltage V AC 380V  three-phase
Weight  kg 220 280 400
Dimensions mm 1080X600X980 1200X600X980 1500X740X1020

* mean accuracy of the two stage fine filter, such as 003 is 3 microns
* mean applicable medium,Range: 1.0~3000,000cSt

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