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Replacement for cooler 02250145-556
-2023-03-08-           VIEWS:0           AUTHOR : Anita Li

Saudi Arabia's new customer inquired about the cooler 02250145-556, which is the local bidding product of the customer. When we receive the inquiry from the customer, we will send the customer similar pictures and product prices. Through our communication with the customer, we found that the customer didn't understand the product cooler completely. We immediately sent the technical parameter table to the customer for reference.


As the name implies, cooler is a device that transfers part of the heat of hot fluid to cold fluid, also known as heat exchanger. Heat exchanger plays an important role in chemical, petroleum, power, food and many other industrial production. It can be used as heater, cooler, etc. in chemical production, and is widely used. The main function of the cooler is to reduce the oil temperature. 02250145-556 is used on Sullair air compressor. 

When the oil works in the air compressor and heats up, the oil temperature needs to cool down quickly, so we will choose a cooler that is convenient for installation. Now we have won the bid for this cooler and have arranged production for customers. Hope the customer can receive the goods as soon as possible

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