Wedge Wire Filter
Wedge Wire Filter

Wedge Wire Filter



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High Strength, High Pressure, Cleanable

The Stainless Steel material and its special welding structure bring excellent filtration property.

Wedge wire mesh filters are ideal for many challenging filtration applications.

Aida Wedge Wire Filter Description:

Aida Wedge Wire Filter, also called Johnson tube, slot pipe, T wire filter tube, all wound wire or wedge wire filter pipe. High precision gauge wire spiral wound on the axial support rib, the support rib and the surface wire are soldered together by resistance welding. These filter elements are characterized by high accuracy, minimal aperture and excellent roundness. The connecting pipe and reinforcement of the end pipe, flange and thread can be added to the slot pipe.

If your process involves any aspect of solid-liquid separation, dewatering or liquid distributing, we really recommend choosing Aida wedge wire filters. You can use it in electric power industry, natural gas well, paper making, environmental protection, sand control and water treatment.

Technical parameter


Aida Wedge Wire Filter

Part number

According to your requirements

Filtration accuracy


Outer diameter



6000mm is no problem

Cross-section diameter of the commonly used round support rod


Width of the common strip support rod


Height of the common strip support rod


Length of the plane filter net wire

1800mm is no problem

Length of support pole

3000mm is no problem


stainless steel 304, 316L, 904L hardener alloy

Aida Wedge wire filters Construction :

Construction of wedge wire filters is very easy. All you need to know is the specification of the wedge wire filter you want.

Basically, the construction of the wedge wire filter entails wrapping the profiled wire cylindrically around the longitudinal support rods.

After that you solder all the wires and poles at each contact point.

There are a variety of support rod and profile wire combinations to choose from depending on your application needs.

However, when it comes to the construction of the wedge-line filter, four parameters are crucial. Therefore, please you pay attention to these parameters.

  Standards external circumferential

  Internal circumferential reroll

  External reroll

  Internal axial rerolls

Aida Wedge wire filter Benefits:

● Good strength

● High rigidity

●Good resistance to abrasion and corrosion

● High temperature&pressure resistance

● Flat panel surface

● High filtration efficiency

● Easy to clear and back wash with low maintenance costs

● Long service life

Aida Wedge wire filter Features:

● Precision v-shaped wire winding, with self-cleaning function, is conducive to back washing and is not easy to block.

● The surface is smooth without edges and corners, and the roundness is excellent.

● Even gap. The minimum gap is controlled at 15 microns, with an error of 0.005mm, which can be customized according to customers' requirements.

● With diversified structure and diversified filtering directions, flexible and customized production can be carried out according to customer requirements. The filtering direction can be adjusted according to customer requirements, from inside to outside or from outside to inside.

● The skeleton structure with its own support and welding has great strength and bearing capacity.

● Material selection: stainless steel 304, 316L, 904L hardener alloy,

Aida Wedge Wire Filter Applications:

If your process involves any aspect of fluid/solid separation, we have the products and experience to help you achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

● Architectural and decoration industry

● Food&Beverage industry

● Oil&Gas filtration

● Waste water treatment

● Metallurgy and coal industry

● Pulp and paper industry

● Chemical industry

● Petrochemical industry

● Mineral and aggregate processing

● Plastics extrusion

● Machine coolant filtration

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As it turns out, wedge wire filters play a crucial role in the filtration of fluids.

The advantages of these filters are enormous if you compare with the other filters.

You can make your work easier by purchasing wedge wire filters from a reputable manufacturer.

Contact Aida, we guarantee you of quality and durable wedge wire filters for your application.

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