hot sale automatic backwash strainer
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hot sale automatic backwash strainer

hot sale automatic backwash strainer


Precision: 0.01-0.1um

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Product Description
The inside structure of the automatic self-cleaning brush filter is made up of the stainless steel strainer and stainless steel wire brush and transmission part. The washing and the drainage are automatically finished by the drive motor and electrical valve. The operation way is automatic running (manual running is also Ok), It is with the double function of the pressure difference and regularly automatic drainage. The automation part takes use of the most advanced and reliable PLC in the world.


When the water flow gets through the filter, the impurity in the water is held by the strainer With the increase of the impurity accumulated on the surface of the strainer, the pressure difference reaches 0.04Mpa. The switch of the pressure difference will give out a signal while the PLC sends an instruction to start the drive motor and open the drainage valve; the impurity accumulated on the strainer will be brushed off with the rotating brush and discharged from the drainage exit. The whole process of brushing and draining require no personal operation and without machine halt. At the same time, the equipment is with the function of regular washing and draining and manual washing and draining to make sure that the water output is safe and reliable in any case.

Auto self cleaning filter for Ethanol
Working principle

The Self-Cleaning Process
During the self-cleaning process, filtered process water continues to flow. The Exhaust Valve (4) open and the Drive Unit (5) rotates two stainless steel brushes (6) which sweep the inner surface of the cylindrical screen. The particles trapped on the screen are dislodged by the brushes and flushed out the exhaust valve.



Once the cleaning cycle is initiated the exhaust valve opened and a suction scanner is activated. The driving mechanism then rotates the patented suction scanner in a slow fixed rotation while simultaneously moving the scanner linearly. The exhaust valve causes a high velocity suction stream at the nozzle tip, which cleans the inner surface as the suction scanner spirals across the screen. The downstream flow is uninterrupted during the cycle, which is completed in 20-40 seconds.

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