9056110 Filters for industrial compressors
9056110 Filters for industrial compressors

9056110 Filters for industrial compressors



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Oil Filters Oil Filters present the secondbarrier of protection. These are usually rated at 10 to 20 microns.Filter material is also paper or synthetic, and can be surfaceloading or depth loading. (contaminants enter the filter media andare trapped within the depth of the media, rather than only on thesurface.) Canister (Cartridge) OilFilter Element - This consists of an element inside ametal canister. The canister must be opened, and the new filterinstalled inside the cavity. This element may be a variety ofmaterials (metal mesh, synthetic, paper, or cloth) and will bemanufactured with micron ratings compatible to the OEMspecifications. Spin-On Oil FilterElement - Simple removal by spinning off and replacing theelement. Manufactured of synthetic, paper, metal mesh or cloth,with a micron rating which varies based on manufacturerspecifications. The proper selection and use ofcompressed air filters will prevent many short and long termproblems with your compressed air equipment and systems and saveyou substantially in down-time and component replacement costs overthe life of your compressed air system.

1. Oil filter material adopts superfine fiberglass compound material imported from American HV or wood pulp paper imported from South Korean Ahlstrom Corporation. The material can filter the solid particles and other impurities in the oil in order to protect air compressor machine operating parts.

2. Oil filter's fineness: 5-10micron.

3. Oil filter's life span is about 2000h under super good environment.

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