High Efficient Vacuum Oil Purifier
High Efficient Vacuum Oil Purifier

High Efficient Vacuum Oil Purifier


Precision: 0.01-0.1um

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High Efficient Vacuum Oil Purifier

AIDA perfectly replaced alternative PALL ,alternative ,Leemin famous brand oil purifier.It is excellent equivalents for customer to choose from its economical and practical points. 

Main function
●Remove machinery impurity 
Multiple with regenerating unit,the oil purifier also functions as below:
●Enhance insulating strength
Vacuum system:
    Vacuum system is composed of vacuum container,vacuum pump,colling tank,effusion tank,air admission system.Adopts optimized structure design,which vastly enlarges the oil superficial area,and prolongs ultimately oil route in the vacuum system.
Filtration system:
    Adopts level 3 filter,the inlet port coarse filter protects pump and prolongs the main filter working life.
2 stages filters behind the pump can make the oil high clearness.Utilize special gradient aperture glass fiber material.It can significatively filter different sizes particles,which lengthens the filters working life greatly.Completed filter element structure and lower the material surface velocity and achieve steady filtration.

Heating system:
     Applied subsection and step by step to heat, the surface heat loadless than 1.0W/cm2,won't be overheat and cause the oil goes bad.The oil temperature can be adjusted at 0~100℃ and controlled automatically,installed with protection device,it'll stop operating when the input oil less than usual,which avoids the damages for heater overheated.
Automatic control system:
    The oil purifier equipped with series of Automatic control instruments collect equipment  operation information as transducer,level transmitter,temperature sensing instrument,vacuum sensing instrument.Then pass on to central processor  to deal with,control and monitor the whole equipment operation conditions.Also equipped with kinds of protection devices(overload protection,overvoltage protection,phase sequence protection,abnormal operating outage protection) can make sure equipment operation safe.
The whole structure:
The integration of the bridge structure reduces volume.Adopting the whole removeable tank can make oil-free operate reducing pollution.
   Movable type,stationary type,totally enclosed type,vehicular and many models for reference.

Outside measurement:

Technical Principle Structure


Item Parameter name Units ZJA-30 ZJA-50 ZJA-100 ZJA-150 ZJA-200 ZJA-300 ZJA-500  
Equipment technology standard Flow Rate L/H 1800 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000 30000  
Working Vacuum MPa -0.08 — -0.099  
Working Pressure MPa ≤0.5  
Temperature control 20 — 80  
Power V 380V/50Hz(or according the customer's need)  
Working Noize dB(A) ≤78  
Heating power kW 30 45 60 90 135 180 216  
Total Power kW 35 50 66 96 142 191 230  
Out in Diameters mm 25 32 40 50 50 65 80  
Equipment weight Kg 600 800 1000 1300 1800 2100 2400  
Size LONG mm 1200 1250 1450 1600 1600 1800 1900  
WIDE mm 1200 1250 1400 1600 1600 1700 1900  
HEIGHT mm 1700 1750 1800 2100 2150 2250 2300  
Oil treatment Index Oil Breakdown Voltage KV ≧70(GB/T507)  
Water content in oil PPm ≤3(GB/T7600)  
Gas content in oil % ≤0.05(GB/T423)  
Filtration Precision μm ≤3  

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