Automatic Sand Filter / Quartz sand water filter
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Automatic Sand Filter / Quartz sand water filter

Automatic Sand Filter / Quartz sand water filter

Model:Multimedia filter


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Sand filter (English: Shallow medium filter, Multimedia filter, Sand filter, Shallow sand filter, Sand filter for drip system, Quartz sand water filter,river water treatment filter, Waste water treatment filter,fish pond filter), it is the use of quartz sand as a filter medium, under certain pressure, the higher the turbidity of water through a certain thickness of the granular or non-grain Quartz sand filter, the effective removal of suspended solids in the water, organic matter, colloidal particles, microorganisms, chlorine, smell and some heavy metal ions, and ultimately to reduce the water turbidity, water purification effect of a high efficiency filtration equipment.
1.Can remove large suspended solids in the water, thereby reducing the SDl value of the water2.Low cost, low operating cost and simple operation
3.Filter material can be repeatedly used
1.It is widely used in water treatment process
2.Mainly used for pretreatment of water treatment turbidity removal, softened water,electrodialysis, reverse osmosis
3.And can also be used for desilting of surface water and groundwater

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