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Oil filter, injection well water filter and one-piece polypr

Sep 14, 2017

Oil filter, injection well water filter and one-piece polypropylene folded filter
The product production process and the design of the material, can be used in many different industries. Product design has different material length and diameter, different customers with more choices, in the field of product phase of the three layers of filter material, making it the advantages of deep structure on the surface of filter and filter, so as to reduce the volume of the filter and cost savings, because the product has low pressure difference, the characteristics of high quantity, because this can reduce in the use of filtering cartridge replacement number and unnecessary loss, so as to improve the work efficiency.
Product features:
Fold the combined with deep filter, filter with high efficiency, long service life
Filter, a large amount of sludge, replacing less to reduce the cost
Product technical performance:
Filter material: polyester non-woven fabric, glass fiber, polypropylene
end cover material: PP, ABS
center pole material: ABS, PP
grid: PE
sealing ring/gasket: ethylene propylene rubber, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, NBR
cover structure: double open, flat, with gasket, 226 flat
length: 10 ", 20 ", 30, 40 "
outer diameter: 69 mm
inside diameter: 28 mm
filtration precision: 1μm,2μm,5μm,10μm,20μm,50μm
Areas of application:
Oil filter
Chemical raw materials, organic solution filtration
Plating solution filter
All kinds of water treatment, reverse osmosis filter
electronics industry

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