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Brief introduction of cartridge dust

Sep 04, 2014
The filter cartridge is composed of filter length crisp folded into pleats, star filter cartridges are agglutinated. The filter cartridge without bone cage, easy installation.
The cartridge more varieties, with fine and long and thick and short branch. Slender cartridge (such as φ ≤ 160, L=1 ~ 2m), the fold (45 fold), the gap between the large angle, fold less and shallow, the filter area than the same size with the long bag 2 ~ 5 times, cleaning easy and good effect; dust filter for dust concentration ≥ 15g/m, filtration velocity 0.6 ~ 1.2m/min. Coarse staple cartridge (such as 350, L=0.66m) large diameter, short length, pleated much (120 ~ 350 fold) and deep, fold the gap between the small, large filtering area, compared with the same diameter with the long bag area 14 ~ 35 times, for the local decorate area is small, but because of small space; fold angle is small, easy to accumulate dust, ash, dust filter is suitable for concentration ≤ 5g/m dust, filtration velocity should not be >0.6m/min
There are three kinds of installation way Cartridge pulse dust collector: vertical, inclined, horizontal installation. The filter cartridge installed vertically, pulse dust cleaning, dust is easy to fall down to clear ash, effect is good. Inclined installation, the filter cylinder is stacked, compact structure, small footprint, easy to change the cylinder, but the ash, dust the upper cartridge pure fall down from the lower cartridge, it is difficult to remove. Horizontal installation, the upper part of the lower cartridge dust more difficult to remove. Tilt mounting cartridge filter non sticky, low concentration, coarse dust is suitable for medium and small dust removal system, and is also suitable for transformation of some old bag dust remover for.

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