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Application of hydraulic filter in various industries

Aug 29, 2014

1 metallurgy: for the hydraulic system of metallurgical rolling mill, continuous casting machine of filtration and lubrication equipment filter
2 Petrochemical: separation and recovery of oil refining, chemical products in the production process, purification in the manufacturing process of purifying liquid, magnetic tape, optical disk and photographic film, oil field injection water and natural gas dust particle filter.
3 textile and package: polyester melt purification in drawing in engineering and uniform filtering, protection of compressor filter, compressed gas oil removing water.
4 electronics and pharmaceutical: pretreatment of filtered water, deionized water reverse osmosis, cleaning liquid and glucose pretreatment filtering.
5 thermal power and nuclear power: purify the turbine, boiler control speed system, lubricating system, bypass control system of feed water pump, fan, purifying and dedusting system. Mechanical processing equipment
6: lubrication system of papermaking machinery, mining machinery, injection molding machine and large precision machinery and compressed air purification, dust recovery filtering tobacco processing equipment and spraying equipment.
Hydraulic oil filter and the filter is composed of a monolayer or multilayer metal net, layers and the mesh screen according to different conditions of use and use, heart rate high, big pressure bearing, good straightness, stainless steel material, without any burr, ensure long service life. In the hydraulic system to filter solid particle, used in the working medium and jelly like material, control the working medium effective pollution degree. This series of filter is used to filter the substitution product localization of imported equipment, the filter is made of imported filter material, the filter performance parameters reached similar foreign element level.

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