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Pipeline Basket, Y type Filter

Pipeline Basket, Y type Filter replacement part



Material:Fiberglass or filter paper



Pipeline Basket, Y type Filter

AIDA perfectly replaced alternative PALL ,alternative ,Leemin famous brand oil purifier.It is excellent equivalents for customer to choose from its economical and practical points.

Brief introduction
The filter is an indispensable device for pipeline series to transmission medium, usually installed in the side of pressure reducing valve,relief valve,set the water level valve or the inlet side of other equipments. It is used to filter out impurities in the medium in order to protect the valve and the normal use of the equipment. The filter has the characteristics of advanced structure, small resistance, sewage.
The following is the replacement brands
1.      Body Material: brass,carbon steel,stainless steel
2.      Nominal diameter:15-500mm
3.      Filter box filter mesh Material:Stainless Steel
4.      Seals Material:  Asbestos, NBR, PTFE
5.      Nominal pressure:1.6-10Mpa
6.      Filtering accuracy:10-300mesh
Commonly used models for example
Y-type filter, filter element TS03E403A/B/C-01/02 φ153×535

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