Hydraulic oil suction strainer CU4005A03WNP01
Hydraulic oil suction strainer CU4005A03WNP01

Hydraulic oil suction strainer CU4005A03WNP01



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Product Description :
The media that we offer in the Substitute for Hydraulic oil suction strainer CU4005A03WNP01  is the most efficient filtration media a hydraulic filter element can offer. Glass fiber ability to capture 400 percent more particulate than Cellulose filter elements is why it is the best media choice for your hydraulic filter. The uniform shape and density of the glass fiber is what ensures the hydraulic filters 99.9% efficiency. Glass fiber filter elements are an excellent way to prevent unscheduled downtime and prolong the life of your hydraulic fluid.
Parameter Sheet :

Filter type Hydraulic oil suction strainer  
Material Glass fiber
O-ring material Buna-N 
Structure Cartridge
Application Hydraulic system
Filter efficiency 99%
Part number CU4005A03WNP01
Dimension 100*656mm
Weight 2.8kg
Working temperature 250℃
Working pressure 220bar
Certificate ISO9001
MOQ 5pcs
Package Carton
Leading time About 8 working days after payment
Loading port Shenzhen , ningpo, qingdao, shanghai port
Payment terms 100% TT or Western union or 50% pay in advance ,50% pay when finished
Delivery terms By sea, by air ,by door to door , DHL/UPS/TNT/ FEDEX

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