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Bahrain customer order Automatic disc filter for Agriculture dirp irrigation
-2022-06-21-           VIEWS:0

The fully automatic disc filter is equipped with an electronic control device, which can control all steps of back washing using time interval and pressure difference. Once set, it can be used for a long time. The automatic backwash filter can complete the whole automatic backwash process within a few seconds without interrupting its work. The back washing is automatically started by the set time or differential pressure signal, the back washing valve changes the water flow direction in the filter unit, the spring on the filter element is pushed open by water pressure, and all discs and small pores between discs are loosened. The nozzle in the center of the filter element sprays water along the tangent direction to make the disc rotate. Under the action of water flow scouring and centrifugal force of disc high-speed rotation, the objects intercepted on the disc are washed out. Therefore, a good cleaning effect can be achieved with a small amount of self consumption water. Then the back washing valve returns to the filtering position, and the spring on the filter element presses the disc again to return to the filtering state. This filtration machine widely used in Agriculture drip irrigation system .


Last week our Bahrain customer ordered 3’’ connection Automatic disc filter for their farm , 2 groups in parallel . 22m³/h , 50μm . with disc head,control valve,pipeline.

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