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Gas Turbine Filter
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Gas Turbine Filter

Gas Turbine Filter



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Gas Turbine Filter

AIDA produce a broad range of industrial hydraulic filters, lubricating oil filters,Compressed filter.air filters, fuel filters to satisfy most requirements. These filters are offered in original equipment and high quality interchange equivalents. Like alternative PALL filter,alternative filter.alternative Atlas Copco filter,alternative Ingersoll Rand filter, MP Filtri filter, Internormen filter,alternative Parker filter,Taisei Kogyo filter,Leemin filter,Mann filter,alternative Sullair filter,Hiross filter,alternative Hankison filter,SMC filter,Liutech filter,Donaldson filter,Rexroth filter,Sintered woven wire mesh,Portable Oil Purifier,Anti-explosion Box Type Oil Purifier,Coalescence Dehydrated Oil filter,High Solid Content Oil Purifier,High Viscosity Oil Purifierm,High Precision Oil Purifier,Tank Mounted Oil Purifier,Movable Box-type Oil Purifier,Movable Oil Purifier,High Efficient Vacuum Oil Purifier,Sintered Woven Wire Mesh,Perforated sheet with wire mesh laminate,Sintered stainless steel non-woven fiber felt,Polymer Melt Filter Element,Pharmaceutical Filter Element,Chemical Filter Element,Water Treatment Filter Element,Fluidization Bed for Blast Furnace Coal Injection,High Temperature Dust-Removing Filter Element,Suction automatic self-cleaning filter,Automatic Backwash cleaning filter,Multi-unit automatic backwash filter system,Candle type automatic filtration system,Bag filter,Plate sealed filter,Pipeline filter.

AIDA Product Code
1 HQ25.200.11Z
2 HQ25.200.12Z
3 HQ25.200.15Z
4 HQ25.300.11Z
5 HQ25.300.12Z
6 HQ25.300.13Z
7 HQ25.300.14Z
8 HQ25.300.15Z
9 HQ25.300.16Z
10 HQ25.600.11Z
11 HQ25.600.12Z
12 HQ25.600.14Z
13 HQ25.600.15Z
14 HQ25.09Z
15 HQ25.10Z
16 HQ25.10Z-1
17 HQ25.11Z
18 HQ25.12Z
19 HQ25.01Z
20 HQ25.02Z
21 HQ25.03Z


Order Tips
1. If you are not sure about the filter needed exactly,please advise its exact working environment and usage.We help you choose certain suitable filter.
2. We accept mixed order for MOQ 20pcs. For your inquiry please mail to info@aida-machinery.com. We will make you competitive offer in 24hours.

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